Pourquoi Quebec?




Scottish, Irish and East European tunes played on acoustic guitar, with French Canadian-style accompaniment from Alain Genty (bass) and Denis Frechette (piano). Recorded in Quebec.

Originally released on Greentrax, 1998

1. Tha Biodag Aig MacThomais
2. A Tune For Frankie / An Phis Fluich
3. Mornings at Bonny Doon / Janine’s Reel
4. Port Na bPucai / The Crooked Road
5. The 70th Year
6. Irene Meldrum’s Welcome to Bon Accord
7. Catherine Kelly’s / The Sunset
8. Sean O Duibhir A Ghleanna
9. The Dance of Suleiman
10. The Maid Behind (MacGlinchey’s) Bar
11. Annan Waters