Round Trip with Beppe Gambetta




Two master musicians create stunning music. Beppe Gambetta and Tony McManus are universally recognized as two of the finest acoustic guitarists playing today. Beppe Gambetta was born in Genoa, Italy in 1955. An acoustic guitar flat picker and singer, Beppe has been called a “virtual United Nations of influences: Italian, Ukrainian, Appalachian, Sardinian, Celtic.” Tony McManus was born in Paisley, Scotland and is now living in Canada. English guitarist John Renbourn described him as “the best Celtic guitarist in the world.” On “Round Trip” these two amazing musicians have combined to create a series of stunning duets that not only demonstrate their individual virtuosity, but their innate ability to blend numerous musical traditions and styles producing stunning new music.
Originally released on Borealis 2015

1. Bonnie Mulligan’s
2. Sleeping Tune
3. Valzer Por Un Amore
4. SpĆ³rt
5. Ligurian Bells Melody
6. Doherty’s
7. Slightly Go Blind
8. La Bergamasca
9. Moustambeiko
10. Deus Ti Salvet Maria
11. The Manitoulin Set