Tony McManus And Julia Toaspern – Live In Concert




Having met over a conversation in Berlin about J.S. Bach, together they play and sing music that speaks to them and hopefully through them to a wider audience.

The album was recorded ”Live” during a German tour by the duo in the early part of 2019 and the German Folker Magazine said of them: ”Breathtaking duets…..”. The recordings were by Rainer Ahrens of Felicitas Records, Berlin, who also mixed and mastered – and produced a final master which can only be described as brilliant in sound quality. The musicianship and the final master make this a rather special ”Live” album. 

Tony McManus (guitars, vocals,
Julia Toaspern (guitars. fiddle. vocals).

1. Rolling Waves / Martin Wynne’s #1
2. Bonnie Jean
3. Breton Waltzes
4. Kiltyclogher Jigs
5. Through The Gates
6. Penny
7. The Maids Of Mitchelstown
8. Amarilli
9. Manha de Carneval
10. Ton Of Bricks
11. Moustambeiko
12. Chapman’s
13. Drumleman
14. Asturian Tunes
15. Star Of Munster Set.

Tony McManus (guitars, vocals,
Julia Toaspern (guitars. fiddle. vocals).